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Why Prospects Keep Ghosting You (And What To Do About It)

October 31, 2022 10:47 AM | Christina Sanders (Administrator)

So, you think you hit it off with a prospect. The conversation is flowing, you feel like you made a good impression and then **crickets** Getting ghosted is never a good feeling. It can drive you mad wondering what you did or said that caused the other person to suddenly cut off all communication with you.

Your prospect may have disappeared for any number of reasons. The timing may not have been right, or they felt your company simply wasn’t a good fit. A competitor may also have caught their eye. Regardless of the reason, Brian Cristiano, the CEO of BOLD Worldwide, says that you shouldn’t panic if you don’t hear back right away. However, you should take some specific actions to stop a ghost in its tracks.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share some of Cristiano’s best ghost-busting tips.

How To Stop A Ghost

Do you have a ghost on your hands? Cristiano says it’s probably because you let go of control of the sale. This momentary lapse in grip allowed the potential client to slip out of your hands. He adds that as a salesperson, it’s up to you to guide the prospect all the way from the initial point of contact to the signing of the contract. If a prospect is ghosting you, follow these tips to get them back before they disappear entirely.

Don’t get angry. If someone is ghosting you, you may want to go off on them. However, this can only make the situation worse, Cristiano says. Instead, he recommends creating a pleasant climate for them to come back to. Leave them a voicemail or send an email to check in. This will signal that you care about solving their problem, he says. Then you can regain control by offering a few different times to reconnect in the coming days.

Push for facetime with them. If there’s a ghosting-in-progress, do what you can to get them on a video call. Cristiano says then you can make them feel like they are in control by asking questions. The more talking they do, the more in control they feel, which helps you learn more about their challenge or issue. He recommends weaving in additional psychological sales strategies like testimonials and expert proof.

Send a postcard. Consider this your breakup communication. The tone should have a “wish you were here” kind of feel like a postcard, Cristiano says. Let the prospect know you hope they found a solution to their problem and that you are closing out their file now. Many prospects will be spooked when they hear, “I hope you solved your problem,” and may reach out to you after all. And if they do, circle back to the first tip and don’t treat them harshly.

When prospects ghost you, remember that it’s probably not personal. They may not be returning your calls or emails for any number of reasons — and you may never know those reasons. While you may not be able to get back every prospect who seemingly disappears, you can follow the play-by-play above when buyers ghost you.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Brian Cristiano runs the Manhattan-based strategy firm, BOLD Worldwide, coaches some of the most successful names in business and speaks to audiences on how they can create success personally and in business.

Published with Permission from PPAI

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