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Four Reasons Post-Sale Service Matters

July 12, 2021 5:18 PM | Dara Cormany (Administrator)

How well do your sales reps take care of their clients after a sale? Long-term clients are critical to your organization’s success. Existing customers know you and like working with you, and they’re also more likely to spend more on your products and services. The longer you retain your current clients, the more profitable they can become to your organization.

It’s important to continue serving and nurturing clients after they sign on the dotted line. This could mean connecting with them on social media, checking in to see how a campaign went or sharing a helpful article.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we highlight a post from The Center for Sales Strategy blog explaining why post-sale service is so important.

1. Post-sale service allows sales reps to shine. Sales reps have educated, encouraged and guided their clients throughout the entire sales process. They put in the work to get their buyers through the sales funnel. While the heavy lifting is done, the post-sale period still reflects on sales reps’ performance, according to the blog post. When teams deliver on promises made during the sales process, the buyer diverts some of the credit to the sales rep. The opposite is also true. The post-sale service period is a chance for your sales reps to solidify the relationship.

2. Post-sale service is a chance to help the client succeed. The best sales reps care about their clients’ long-term success. To them, it’s not just about making a sale and earning a commission—it’s about making an impact for their clients. While sales reps may have done an exceptional job answering buyer questions, responding quickly and defining value, the post-sale period is equally important. According to the blog post, the post-sale process is an opportunity to set the customer up for success through proper education, accurate information and prompt service when needed.

3. Post-sale service could lead to maximum-value contracts. If your clients have a subpar experience with your team after the sale, they likely won’t return for repeat business. However, if your sales reps impress buyers all the way through the process, including after the sale, you position your company for upselling opportunities and continued profits from this customer.

4. Post-sale service helps build loyalty. When clients buy a product or service from you, they are buying a solution to a problem they face. They want to trust that your sales team understands their needs—including those that may arise during the post-sale period. According to the blog post, buyers will often complete repeat purchases knowing they don’t have to worry about potential obstacles after a purchase.

Taking care of your clients after the sale is important for them—and for your sales team. When clients have a positive experience with the products or services they purchased or received from you, they are naturally happier. They get the results they were looking for and are more likely to return for repeat business.

Source: The Center for Sales Strategy blog. The Center for Sales Strategy is a customer-focused selling and talent-focused management consulting company.

Used with permission from PPAI

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